Wax for Hair Removal in Men

Wax for Hair Removal in Men

Depending upon the area you want to clean, soft wax or hard wax is used.

Soft Wax:

Soft wax is usually applied to remove hair from larger body parts such as back, chest, legs etc. hair removal with soft wax is a simple procedure, wherein a thin layer of wax is applied don the area such as back, then a muslin cloth or strip is rubbed on the wax, then it is pulled quickly in opposite direction of hair leaving you with a clear, soft, younger looking skin.

Mens Waxing

Advantages of Soft Wax:

• Less painful

• Can be applied even on sensitive areas

• It is an economical option to remove hairs as soft wax costs less when compared to hard wax

• Can be applied on larger body areas as the wax doesn’t crack as the case with hard wax

Disadvantages of Soft Wax:

• Soft wax attaches itself to the skin, resulting in exfoliation more than required

• It should not be applied twice to remove hairs, as even the skin may chip-off

Hard Wax:

Hard fax is usually used to remove hairs from Brazilian, nose wax or when the hairs are very coarse and difficult to remove from the soft wax. Before you apply hard wax, polish the area with a baby oil, so that the wax doesn’t get stick to you skin and the removal of it may be difficult. Usually hard fax sticks only to the hairs not skin, after application on the area, wax is applied to dry and it is then removed directly without the help of cloth or strips. This is because the area is sensitive and the wax will be difficult to remove.

Advantages of Hard wax

• It can be used on face and it is less painful when compared to soft wax

• It doesn’t get stick onto the skin and it is easy to clean the area

• Hard wax removes the hair effectively in one single application unlike soft wax which may need to be applied twice.

• The heat in the hard wax opens the hair follicles, making the derooting of hairs much easier and less painful.

Disadvantages of Hard wax

• It cannot be applied on larger areas as it may break into pieces

• It is expensive when compared to soft wax

Many of the aesthetic therapists propose to use Eucalyptus oil. It helps in opening of hair follicle pores which ease in removing hair from the root. Apart from this eucalyptus oil has antiseptic properties which helps prevent infection and growth of pimples on the skin. The most important application of Eucalyptus oil in waxing is it has analgesic property. It reduces the pain which is caused by waxing.

Post-depilatory oils are applied to reduce the redness, calm and sooth the skin. These oils are absorbed fast leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Enjoy the soft clean skin for atleast next 4- 8 weeks after waxing. The biggest advantage of waxing is that the hairs don’t grow back immediately and it is semi-permanent method to remove hairs. Every waxing procedure leaves you with thinner and softer hairs.

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