Preparation for Bikini Wax for Men

Preparation for Bikini Wax for Men

It is quite natural to be nervous about your first fax. People often spends days and months together thinking whether to go or not for waxing. Men waxing are a trending grooming tip these days; men remove hairs from the undesired body portion to look sexier or to have better hygiene. People are often scared that waxing is a painful procedure. Yes waxing is bit painful procedure but when you are using services of an experienced professional, waxing will be smooth with less discomfort and pain. It is not at all advisable to take pain killers before you go for the wax appointment. Ofcourse waxing hurts but it doesn’t hurt too much that you have to be on pain killers. First clear your thoughts that it is a very painful procedure, pain is very bearable. You can have a normal love life before and after wax. A person should be calm and composed, mentally prepared to undergo wax. Don’t listen to too many horror stories of incorrect male waxing as it will panic you.

Mens Waxing

It is always advisable to go to a salon to do waxing rather than you doing it yourself. It hardly takes an hour to do waxing

Here are the tips to be considered before you enter the salon

• Don’t moisture your skin before you intend to wax

• Make sure the wax is set at right temperature before you apply it on to your skin.

• Hair length is very important as it is proportional to the pain it will cause to remove hairs. The hairs should not be too long or too short.

• Make a note that the cloth or wax strip should be removed in opposite direction of hair, not in the direction of hair.

• Once you are done with waxing using depilatory oil or baby oil or an aftershave moisturizer.

On the day of waxing, just take a bath and clean all the body parts especially your private area. Check the hairs are atleast 3 mm in length as shorter hairs cannot be removed from the private parts. Try to avoid shaving of hairs between your waxing sessions as this may result in having sharper and coarser hairs.

While waxing make sure that the therapist doesn’t do double dipping. For people who don’t know what double dipping is, it is using the same wax stick again and again… Let me explain you this in detail. The therapist usually starts the day with a fresh wax stick and starts working on it on first customer. She dips the used wax stick after one-use again in the wax to reapply the stick onto your skin. If it is a new wax bottle and its your strip which is applied again, then it may not be a problem. When the new customer comes, they use the same old strip dipping it again in the old wax. The first customer’s hairs and debris will be on the strip and the heat of wax will not be sufficient to kill the infection. Make sure your salon doesn’t do double dipping.

The first waxing experience will be bad but surely it will not be the worst experience.

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