Men Waxing Their Body Parts

Men Waxing Their Body Parts

One can wax the entire body or the area desired. Any body part below neck can be waxed. Whenever you visit a salon make sure that you are clear on the area which is to be waxed, if you are not familiar with the terminology ask them, they are always there to guide you. Don’t assume that your therapist knows what you expect from them.

Mens Waxing

Men often go for waxing of the below body parts

1. Chest Waxing: When waxing your chest area, be careful and stay away from nipple area. Accidentally if you try removing hairs from nipple area it will be a very painful experience and wont attempt to remove other hairs also. Chest hairs are usually thicker and coarse, regular waxing helps in getting softer and thinner hairs.

2. Back waxing: Back is large area which can b cleaned with the help of soft wax. Hairs on the shoulders and midline will be longer. You cannot do it yourself at home, definitely you will need a partner to clear your back of hairs. There is no sensitive area like that of nipple in the chest.

3. Genital waxing: It is often called as BSC (Back, Sac and Crack) wax. Soft wax and hard wax is used to remove hairs. Soft wax is used on larger body areas. Hard wax is used in your private parts. Hard wax cracks if you use it on larger body parts. Men often feel erection when waxing it is quite natural and is actually helpful in removing the hairs easily.

Take all the necessary precautions when you are planning to wax your body at home. Make sure you are using good quality material, avoid stripping of same area again and again and don’t overheat the wax.

The saloons gives different terminologies different in each region, here is the list of different styles of wax and the common meaning of wax.

Brazilian wax:

People often opt for Brazilian wax. The term Brazilian wax has an interesting story behind it. It refers to aletter written by PêroVaz de Caminha in 1500 AD wherein, it was written that their private parts where neatly shaven and there was no regret in seeing. The term was used by at Sisters salon, which was run by Brazilian women in 1980s.

In Brazilian wax hairs form the shaft, scrotum and perineum are removed.

Colombia wax:

Shaft, scrotum, perineum and pubic hairs are removed. Even the speedo line, upto naval hairs are removed.

Hollywood wax:

Cleaning of entire pubic area of hairs including crack

BSC (Back, Sac and Crack) wax:

In this type of waxing, hairs are removed from the shoulders, arms, back, crack, shaft, scrotum and perineum.

Hitler Moustache

In this wax square pubes can be seen above shaft

Enjoy your new wax look and flaunt your body to your better half.

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