Mens Waxing

Mens Waxing

The answer to this question is yes! Men do wax to improve their aesthetic appearance to attract women or because of their professional demands.

Men’s Waxing

About Men’s Waxing

It’s a myth that only women are concerned about the looks and only they groom, even men are equally conscious about their looks. Even the males do all the grooming like hair styling, makeup, hair transplant and also hair removal.There are different techniques for hair removal such as shaving, electrical trimming, hair removal creams, laser hair removal etc. Apart from the above techniques, sugaring is also a waxing option which is less painful and less irritating.

Waxing is a technique which is used by women to remove hairs from private parts; even men use this technique these days to remove pubic hairs. Men who are involved in modeling, sports or gym activities will be more interested in waxing. A clean and shaved body seems to be more pleasing to the audience than a hairy body.

Mens Waxing

Advantages of Waxing:

Avoid sweat and hence the odor from the body. A hairy body absorbs perspiration, and the sweat gets built up. Frequent bathing also won’t help. In such cases waxing and removing hairs will be beneficial.

It is good for professional players such as swimmers or athletes, body dries off soon.

Some females find the waxed body more attractive.

Waxes used are composed of moisturizers, which help to soften and removal of dead skin cells.

Gives a clean, younger looking skin

Waxes removes hair from its root, the new hair which grows is softer and better.

Regular waxing will slow hair growth and slowly the hairs will become scanty. This is because hair follicles become weak and won’t allow for proper hair growth.

Initially you may find waxing to be a painful process but with time the pain will be reduced. If you utilize the services of an expert therapist, the waxing will be even more convenient.

The hairs will take time to regrow when compared to other methods to remove hairs

Technique of Waxing:

The technique of hair removal with wax in men is same as that in female. It involves applying a thin layer of wax onto the area and then applying a cloth or strip and patting it so that it gets stick to the hairs properly. Immediately the strip or cloth is removed with quick movement in opposite direction of hair. If you are a new comer then the first setting will seem to be painful. But regular waxing will be less painful and an experience therapist removes hairs with less pain.Most waxes comes with moisturizes which helps in soothing the skin and removing dead skin cells.

In females the pubic hairs are groomed or styles whereas in males the pubic hairs are removed completely. This removal of complete hairs from pubic region is called manzilian, a portmanteau of “male Brazilian”. It takes about 4-8 weeks for the hairs to grow. Now a-days there are a number of waxing kits available in the market. But it is advised that an individual should not do their own waxing.

For removing hairs from the pubic region, you can use hard wax. There is no need to remove hard wax with cloth or strip. Oil is applied onto the private part and then hard wax is applied. Oils such as baby oil is applied, don’t cover after you apply the oil, as it gets absorbed by the cloth. The oils prevent excessive adhesion of hard wax onto the private part.

It is a common practice to apply egg oil after waxing which moisturize the skin and reduce pain, inflammation and any kind of infections. Many people also use eucalyptus oil because of its anesthetic properties.

Advantages of Waxing over other methods:

Hairs will take long time to grow as the hairs are removed from the root.
If you use creams or use a shaving blades hairs will be removed from the shaft

Disadvantages of Waxing:

  It is not advisable for people with diabetes, varicose veins etc.
People on medications are advised not to undergo waxing (Isotretinoin, Differin, Renova). These medicines already weaken the skin, application of wax causes further damage.